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NHL Matchup Analysis

Game-by-game analysis of skaters, goalies, and teams for your fantasy hockey and betting needs.

Edmonton Oilers

Vancouver Canucks

Overall Matchup


Goaltending Stats

tEVSV%: 0.9142
tEVSV%: 0.9219

Shot Metrics

USAT%: 54.9
USAT%: 51.2
SF/GP: 33.8
SF/GP: 28.4
SA/GP: 28.1
SA/GP: 28.6

Goal Metrics

GF/GP: 3.56
GF/GP: 3.4
GA/GP: 2.88
GA/GP: 2.7

Special Teams

ΔPEN/60: -0.27
ΔPEN/60: 0.13
PP%: 26.3
PP%: 22.7
PK%: 79.5
PK%: 79.1

Standings Points

Pts%: 63.4
Pts%: 66.5


The meters above use the league minimum and league maximum values (for each stat) as the extremes. This allows you to quickly see how a team not only measures up to their opponent but also the league as a whole.

The overall matchup value which is labeled as "GAME SCORE" provides you with an indication of how strongly we believe in the outcome of the matchup. The range for the GAME SCORE is 0 to 100. It is not the expected odds for the winning team.

The matchup tool is available for today's games only.

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